Radius Accounting Client is a daemon/service that runs as an interum update generator for devices such as NASs that are unable to generate interum update (alive) radius packets. The primary reason for writing this is to generate packets for Luscent/Livingston PM3s. These will send start and stop radius records, however lack the feature of interum updates.

While in the planning of the project it was found that there are a lage number of other functions that this daemon will be able to accomplish. As an example, if you are using devices that do not have radius clients on them and do have the capability of retreiving the usage statistics via SNMP (ie. linux router), you will be able to use this daemon to generate regular accounting updates for the connected ports and drop them into your standard accounting system via radius. Although this will not have start and stop records, you are still able to provide your clients a reasonably up to date idea of usage. And bill them accordingly.

I am sure there are many other devices that will be able to take advantage of this daemon, so please let me know via the feature request page.

As you are able to tell, the project is only just getting off the ground. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know.

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